Sunday, 5 May 2013

2013 Shanghai 2/4

Shanghai is beautiful with many European buildings. I could not stop and record with my companion, so I only drew the windows. I remembered my days in Italy with Eva.
I was waiting beside the pond at the People's Park, there are thousands of tadpoles there... um... They look cute, but I don't fancy frog, haha...

I received a rabbit and friend's picture from my friend. Thanks for his encouragement. I drew the right one to respond his drawing.
 I was desperate before I left Hong Kong, so I hoped to motivate myself to draw again. This is a tiny sketchbook with a leather cover. Ariel brought to me from London years ago.
Extremely emotional and I feel guilty to hurt my friend. I said 'I don't like you', actually I hoped you will care me more.

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