Saturday, 4 May 2013

2013 Shanghai 1/4

I went to Shanghai in late May before starting my new job. Hanged out with friend for an old Japanese movie and nice fish and chips before the trip, I was advised to stop changing. Yes, I kept changing my city, my job, the surrounding people...
 I bought a 3G SIM card as soon as I arrived Shanghai airport. Dear, what's the point I bought this expensive service without Facebook, whatsapp...Thanks for the staff there, we've spent near 1.5 hours to fix the internet service. My sister received my Shanghai arrival email, 1 month after I back Hong Kong, haha.
I met my Shanghai friend,  Harriet. I told her I prefer to stay at hostel alone in the first few days. I need some private time, to review and draw during night time.
I've met nice hostelmates, when I noticed that I have forgotten to bring my mobile charger. One girl has been staying at this YHA for a month because she could not find a flat in Shanghai. I hope she has settled down somewhere now. Is working in Shanghai a dream to most Chinese people?

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