Thursday, 15 November 2012

New namecards

是2012年年初的決定:回港settle down和完成少少工作之後,便會出發到台北。第一是要再評估在英國時的香港計劃;第二是在台灣做有關插畫和兒童繪本的research。這一次跟8年前從英國回港的情況一樣,一直很忙。或許兩次自己都太投入讀書的生活,自己要些時間好好面對現實生活,同時希望好好把英國的生活片段好好收藏。但是,經過這一年的自我探索,我是很期待未來在亞洲的新生活,把自己準備好的一套好好實現出來。

This is my decision in early 2012: I will visit Taipei after I have settled down and finished my works in Hong Kong. Firstly, I hope to evaluate my plan after I have seen the new environment in Hong Kong. Also, I'd like to research on illustration and children's illustration books in Taiwan. When I arrived Hong Kong from UK 8 years ago, same situation this year, I was very busy on everything.

I have to face reality again, but I will miss my life in UK. After this UK year, I look forward to my new life in Asia and execute my future plan.


  1. 希望有一天在世界的某個角落相遇。:)

  2. 放心,一定會!!!