Monday, 30 April 2012

On the Usurp Zine Fair

Usurp Zine Fair in West Harrow.
It is far away from my living place, but I enjoy the travel cos' it is really different in this area.
'Do you still remember me' and 'Chicken?' were available.
I am glad 'Chicken?' was a popular zine there. Thanks for your purchase ^^
Thanks Ruchi and Stella to visit my fair. I really like the Jean Tu chocolate!!
I could not wait and share it with Ruchi. I must make my day to visit the Little Cafe again ^^


  1. Jean Tu again! hahaha ....
    Pudo and peko are also very lovely character with great potential!!

    1. Haha, I am always happy to see Jean Tu and I am planning to visit Jean Tu Little Cafe as soon as I have time.

      Thanks so much~ I am working hard to develop a story for Pudo and Peko for my final project. I am so tired after the layout trials everyday...hopefully it will be good : )