Monday, 23 April 2012

Jean Tu's Little Cafe

I am so proud of my friend, Stella Lin! She is passionate on her designed characters, Jean Tu and Jane White from the day I met her at office in HK. I was excited to visit Jean Tu's Little Cafe on Brewer Street, SOHO in London. The exhibition located in 'The Living Room' (The original cafe's name) and ended in July. So, please remember to visit if you are in London. It is a meaningful project : )


  1. its amazing!!!! realllly wanna have a look! and its great she built up a lovely character! I will also work hard to build up mine!

  2. Yes, it is!!! I have posted more photos on my facebook : )
    She loves her character very much and it reflects her personality as well.
    It is brilliant to obsess with your creation and it will become lively ^^

    Let's workhard together~