Saturday, 11 February 2012

Research essay

During the presentations, we were asked what the challenge was in this project. In this MA course, the most challenging task is writing the research essay, which I rarely do analysis and arts/cultural critique....Or, I have never done it. I kept changing and narrow my research topic before the contextual study tutorial. The topics have been 'Illustrations on ethical issues', 'Changing role of illustrations in Hong Kong', 'Role of illustrators in children's illustration books'...etc. The topic ideas came from my experience and what I am thinking of doing illustrations. However, we must narrow the topic to make the critique more specific and relevant to my projects.

My illustrations are always claimed to be cute. I was asked by an audience at my illustration talk in HK, 'Is Kawaii character becoming dominant in HK illustration industry?'. I did not give a brief answer in this Q&A section. But, I hope my coming essay will give him a good answer later. And this audience was my drawing teacher and former chairman of HKSI, KY Chan :)

Apart from analysis of cultural context, I hope it will be an opportunity for me to understand and evaluate my involvement in this 'movement'. Workhard and I hope I could provide a satisfactory answer.

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  1. I understand why you don't want to answer that question. It is really hard and complicated in some ways.