Friday, 17 February 2012


Thanks Tracy!! I thought of you when I was reading 'Social & Cultural Anthropology', then I received your postcard this morning. I have never thought it is my studying matter in my life...although it is necessary to designers. I reckon you are professional on this...An-thro-po-lo-gy.....I coming back very very soon, and there will be a lot to share with you. Cake+coffee+chat chat chat together~


  1. WOW!! finally it reached you ) i am sure that you have had a great experience here. of coz! we will chat with we see each other :) speak soooon!

  2. The delivery took around 10days, and thanks very much again ^^

    Yes, I really experienced a lot in the past few months.
    Planned, not planned and unexpected experience :)

    See you~

  3. By the way, you are doing very well.
    Keep on drawing and post on your blog ^^