Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Gift books

I really like books as X'mas gifts. I worked in YMCA last X'mas. All of us wrote what we hoped to receive on paper, and exchanged the paper with secret colleague. I only wrote 'A book at Kubrick', and let my colleague to choose any. It will be more exciting to me to receive the gift and more time consuming (haha) to my colleague. And, I hope the colleague could go to Kubrick, and visited the bookfair which I helped to organize there as well :)

Thanks Garming who saw my rabbit and Garlong the Banksy. Both of you were so confident I'd love it. Yeah, I am and I love you both too~ thanks so much and I really hope I will be in HK next year..when you both will be there...I have been waiting for years...but disappointed year by year...

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