Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dear rabbits

I created all of you within 2 days.
I'm looking at you in my bed every morning, and thinking how to nurture you.
Writing you stories and bring you up.
I sincerely hope you can last for a long time, no matter I am here or not.
Time is running short, but I'll do my best to you :)


  1. thats lovely!!! yes, it will be great to think of a story behind a character.

  2. Thanks Maschera. I was excited to hear that you were awarded ^^
    I look forward to hearing your stories too :)

  3. thx thx Jas! bte, i will travel to taiwan on christmas holidays ... my first time travelling alone ..still working on the accomodation .. wther dorm or private room but in a farther place ..

  4. I thought you have travelled alone a lot.
    TAIWAN!!! I always enjoy it, and surely you will too.

    Last time I was staying at hotel on my own..since I was too urgent to look for accommodation. It was very expensive, and quite lonely to stay alone at the room. This year, my sister, my parents and I stayed at 'men suk'. It was cheap and convenient.

    It depends on you, I enjoy both 'dorm' and 'private'. You can make friends at dorm, while you can have more reading/drawing time to stay private.

    Try to look for some interesting markets/shops. I like the area near 師大 and visiting Modern Arts Museum...and many more.

    Share with me later and Merry X'mas in Taiwan ^^