Monday, 5 September 2011

Family trip to Taiwan - Day 5 - 8

I was regarded as a monster when I said I like visiting exhibition...but we visited these 2 museums today: National Center for Traditional Arts and LanYang Museum. It is nice to know more about traditional arts and it is easy to my families. I prayed at the temple...and the god thought that I was not sincere...he did not agree with me...

I planned to YiLan years ago, but the construction of LanYang Museum was not finished. It always rains in Taiwan, so the architect thought of combination of stone and stainless steel to create different visual effect. I like it so much : )
I am interested in Chinese painting recently...maybe I am old enough to understand it now..

I have finally got the chance to watch the Animated Version of the "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival". I left my families today and visit it myself, but I did not feel lonely when I heard the visitors talking about the painting. Surely I could not give up the chance to visit Taipei Fine Arts Museum, whereas Nara Yoshimoto's works are being exhibited with other young Japanese artists.

It is my 3rd time in Taiwan, and I visited other new towns other than Taipei. My parents are getting old and we are not sure if there will be another family trip. I enjoyed my family time and hoped my parents will not argue again and again...I am proud of my sister cos' she is always strong and smart. I hope she will start a new happy life in Taipei soon.

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