Saturday, 3 September 2011

Family trip to Taiwan - Day 1 - 4

I was reluctant to sleep no matter at home or on flight. I enjoyed watching movie on the plane and I hoped I'd finish it before landing. It was "I love Hong Kong". I think most of the HKers will laugh with the story. I enjoyed staying in front of the screen after I resigned. It's the only way to relax, apart from drawing. I was watching Mi's concert and TV programme during the midnight, before I left HK.

We spent 2 nights in HsinChu, the place where my sister works. Dad enjoyed a lot at Hakka Museum and he chatted with the tour guide for a long time. I remembered my Hakka friend spoke in Hakka language with his families, and I never understand what he was talking. I forgot to bring my sketchbook, so I stamped on my expired Taiwan visa.

We ate shaved ice every night and it is popular in Taiwan. I sat on my sister's scooter and she gave me a 15min drive around her apartment. She is so cool! I am never be brave to control any engine, no matter it's car, scooter or even bicycle...Although we've spent most of our day in cafe, I enjoyed the family time.

I had hotspring with my sister at hostel in YiLan every night. We had nice roosted chicken tonight, with snack and beer afterward. I'd chat with my sister quietly in the bathroom and I will miss her. The weather was poor for visit in the coming day. Everyone was watching the weather forecast and I was watching the book of Brigitte Lin.

It was boring to stay indoor, while all museums closed on Monday. Let's visit the port, market and other historical buildings. We will be busy to visit museums in our last day in Yilan.

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