Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ma Shi Po in Fanling

I prepare for an exhibition in this house every Sunday.
Thanks to my job, I know this lovely place and people in Ma Shi Po.


  1. I think I get the invites sometimes, although can't read Chinese. So, open each Sunday? Met the people who run it a few times as well.. agreed, very nice. So close for me to, love my area :D

  2. Hi Dean, we are organizing an exhibition in Ma Shi Po. There will be poetry and daily objects exhibited in this house. Hopefully the exhibition will be held in Sept this year.

    I hope you knew there were 2 music concerts in Ma Shi Po this year, which were organized by us as well ^^

    I think the invitations came from Ma Po Po Farm. They always have workshops/guided tours during the weekend. I'm afraid there is no English on their facebook group. But you'd visit their market (Wed & Sun afternoon). Becky, who is working there will try to introduce more to you :)

    Thanks very much for your interest!

  3. invite me as well...
    hh_hideout siu hang san tsuen
    +852 96400882 +852 252 686 22

    cheers marty

  4. Hello Marty,

    Thanks very much for your interest too!!!

    Shall we have your email address?

    Or you can join our Facebook group "YMCArts in Education Project". We will mostly send invitation via Facebook ^^


  5. Hello dean-dzai and Marty,

    You could contact Sandy Chan (the organizer of this Ma Shi Po project) for further information and details too:

    Sandy @ YMCArts
    Tel: 22687714


  6. Great~! I know both Marty and Sandy. It's a nice small world. Would love to pop over maybe on the 21st with the club for a look around if that's not intrusive. Should contact Sandy or Becky.

  7. Sure! I mentioned you and Marty to Sandy yesterday.
    You'd contact her for the most updated information~