Friday, 1 July 2011

Give you a hug if I can

Photo from Ariel and QOD

The tee graphic came from the dummy doll in my 'By My Side' exhibition in 2009.
The venue was a children boutique and few dummy dolls were left. I drew on them and they became one of the exhibited works.
Ken and Yvonne Tam love it at the opening, and they hope to use the illustration as tee graphics, so it is now available at QOD.


  1. Yes! please give me a hug! :D and I am looking forward for having a hug from my special someone someday soon!

  2. haha, I hope you will make it soon~
    How is your summer holiday?

  3. not yet started ... these days busy work ...

  4. +oil~ It is nice to have summer holiday soon :)

  5. I saw this tee in Jordan. it's nice. But now I seldom wear black tee, so I didn't buy it.

  6. Thanks thanks, i like black and white tee. You will like it once u tried:)

    Do u afraid of feeling hot with black tee?