Thursday, 16 August 2012


It seems that my MA project has been finished. These are my business card, storybook and a reflective journal on the final show table. I was worrying until I have finished making the dust jacket for the book yesterday...Complicated, relieved, but I have to revise it later...hope it will be better before I presented it  to the publishers. It was a tough process from creating story and characters, selection of art materials, revision of stories and art direction to printing and binding...anyway, I learnt and enjoyed it a lot. Another '自發作' 4 years after my last DIY book :)

I hope the readers will like it...and so do the publishers. Keep fingers crossed~


  1. Jas, can you reserve one for me? ;)

  2. Yes of course, but you have to wait until it is published.
    It is just a dummy book :p

    I am looking forward to your 自發作!! You must let me know the result, I bet your book will be selected. I hope I am in YMCA now and I can read all the participants' works ^^

    1. Yes, I got admitted!! Hope I will do a handmade picture book! Will of coz keep one for you ;)

  3. Congratulations!!! I will be helping on Wonderland Festival after I back HK. But, I will further discuss with Sandy...anyway, I will visit the opening even I am not working on it ^^

    I have handmade the storybook, we'd exchange the book~

    +oil and looking forward to seeing your creation~