Sunday, 3 June 2012

V&A Friday Late

Theme of May Friday Late in V&A, was 'Dinner is Served'. In this 1 year study in London, I really enjoy to learn more from events in different museums, apart from in college (as mentioned by our tutor all the time, it is independent study...). UK is famous with its traditional tea culture. On the Friday Late, I learnt to 'taste' different teas with different cups. They were English tea (Earl Grey), Japanese green tea and India black tea. I am glad to know there is close relationship between tea and cup design. The shape of the cup is designed to 'hold the fragrance' and affect the temperature of the tea. Same tea, tastes different with different cup.

Thanks Peter Ting, a ceramic designer specialized on tableware. He is so enthusiastic on food, tableware design. I was happy to know more about table lying. Everything on the table in cosy restaurant don't have to be expensive, creativity and flexibility is the most important.

I hope I can join more 'Friday Late' again.

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