Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Would it be nice?

I must share my friend, Ryan's travel log to you ( He is now travelling with his bike. When I told him I had an idea to study overseas in the beginning of last year, he told me he is going to travel around the world~ I was really excited to hear that, and we understand each other without hesitation and totally support. We kept talking about our preparation after movie, and we started our count down to my study and his travel.

Actually we do not come from rich family, we earned some extra money from freelances and we don't pursue material life. We accept any possibility and just GO AHEAD. As just always mentioned by our boss, 'Open your eyes'. Yes, we hope to see and feel more, if we have chance. Just plan without regret. What we are seeing here is not as fantastic as in the kaleidoscope, but we appreciate and understand the culture in different cities. Wonderful things could happen in small towns, not only in rich cities.

Sometimes, we are disappointed by some 'cultural' people in the front, only explain the world with their perception and assumption...without trying to experience, understand and appreciate the others' culture.

Put down yourself, and you will see more.
There should be more, other than gossip, jealousy...and looking down...

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