Sunday, 4 March 2012

I am a lucky girl

My parents' photo taken in Tam Shui, Taipei last year

Eva, I visited your blog and you mentioned my Swatch watches are available in Colette in Paris. Do you remember our designs have been published in the same magazine before? I was studying IELTS at McDonald's and you showed me that magazine suddenly! Your 'Fragments of the Sky' and my 1st Love Collection at Swatch. What's a surprise!

Sometimes, I think my design is 'culturally odorless'...especially I was working on my research essay. I should stick into one city, and reveal my cultural identity...However, I am glad that my dad showed me a lot of things from foreign countries although I haven't left China until 21. He told me his stories when working in different cities. My mum prepared me the best breakfast when I was a kid. I'd keep traveling, like my sisters do. I'd quit my work and paid to study suddenly...etc...

Thanks all, and I gained a lot of personal experience to create my illustrations.
And I hope I can contribute to you all with my drawings, no matter it is related to Hong Kong or not. It is me.

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