Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Put down your pen, pick up your book

The World Without Us -- by Alan Weisman
Comparison of before and after human occupied this planet.

Illust -- Korean Illustration magazine (www.illusthouse.com)
We missed Korean illustrations...which is adorable.

Housing Service 2010 - 2011 -- from UAL
Just received the latest edition...more expensive...

Too nervous to draw recently, and too hungry for information.
I believe we will see the light until we entered darkness.


  1. 3 dishes for your brain's nutrient, nice :)

  2. There will be more later~
    I bet the Housing Service is not nutrient, keke...

  3. jas, i just back from beijing for a few days! i feel nervous to draw either ...

    maybe i need sometime to go back to the balance of calmness of my mind.

  4. Maschera, I hope you enjoyed your journey. I was only reading Chinese history books at home :)

    Why did you feel nervous after travel? Anything scared you in Beijing..? haha

  5. 另外,在英國的朋友關心我考試的成績。


    原來可以跟大人物一樣緊張,像發現醫生原來怕打針一樣,keke...星期五,祝自己考試勁過,Eva和Card的interview成功 ^^

  6. Jasmine,

    Thanks your blessing! my interview is pass :)
    Good luck to our IELTS too!

  7. haha .... not really. but for sure its so different from travelling for myself.

    anyway, no matter what, all the best!

  8. Exam passed...what's the most difficult pass in the process. I hope there will be interview of scholarship in May.

    Not sure, but I'm sure that it will be a fruitful year :)