Thursday, 28 October 2010

See you later

Copy was posted on Singtao Daily (Features - 漫四拍) on 28Oct2010

3) Great! / Thank you! / Thanks; 4) See you later

It is my last comic on Singtao Daily in this 3-year comic life.
It was a good chance to draw to the public, and they recorded my life. Thanks Jan.
But, it's time for maintenance shortly,
for a better focus and quality to the audiences in the future.
See you later with a happier and stronger me. Stay tuned : )


  1. yeah .... its such a long time we draw comics :)

    miss you ar!!!!! anyway, relax, and take it as a short break and just be feel comfortable.

  2. Yes, I have not noticed that until my friend saw it on newspaper one day. It was around 1.5 year when I replied him on the drawing period.

    I enjoyed it actually although it was painful to meet other deadlines at the same time.

    No need to miss me...I am still here and I will see you this Wed~

    I have been working for few years without rest. It is time to have a review.